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In 2016, Native Christian Way formally launched the denomination.  Through the year, we learned that our outreach is not only to specific Native tribes/people, but those who support contextual
ministry.  We also have had those internationally that are interested in being a part.  We hosted "Join the Tribe" rallies in various locations in NM, OK, TX, and TN.
After going through several classes, we implemented a new social media outreach program.  Slowly, we are "expanding our borders" through the internet.  We have seen a marked increase in
response to our social media outreach.
We made the commitment, and was able to fulfill a goal of a distribution type event each month.  We were able to distribute household and personal items, as well as baby items, and kids toys
and books.  We held events in NM, TX, and OK.
In addition to the various events, we have been busy putting together a training program for spiritual warriors.  We are hoping the first "Spirit Walker Boot Camp" will happen this Spring.
In August 2016, we partnered with Panera Bakery.  We pick up fresh baked items on Saturday night (late) and bag them for distribution.  We then go out on Sunday morning to distribute these

Initially, we were unsure of how this type of outreach fit within our ministry.  But as we set up in different fairly remote locations each week, we began to see a huge opportunity not only to meet a
physical need, but to reach out and share the Bread of Life!  We learned that there are many in need, not just on the reservations, but in every part of America.  We have set up in many areas
in NM, TX, and OK.  We hope to expand into other areas as funds are available to defray the cost of the trip/event.

Going out on Sunday may seem contradictory to a ministry mission, but on the contrary, it is the epitome of ministry.  Through this partnership, we are blessed with an opportunity to be the
"hands and feet of Christ".  We pray for those who are in need of healing, salvation, deliverance...  We encourage those who are hurting, depressed, and alone. There are many Sundays that I
sit, with tears in my eyes to see God's wonderful love and grace at work. We have received so many people that come for the bread, and leave with the love of Jesus in their lives...  We have
seen those who feel dejected, some suicidal, and we can pray with some, and pray for all who come.  It's amazing a partnership we didn't think would "fit", and be short term, has turned into a
wonderful opportunity of outreach, and still continues to this day. (We initially thought to partner to the end of 2016)

We began new book publishing projects in 2016, and will continue throughout to coming years.

In addition, we have in the works new children's ministry programming, including an animated "Veggie Tales" style film, starring our very own Benny Bible Brave©™ and his family and friends.
What we did in 2016...
WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

First - we need your prayers.  Ministry cannot
succeed without the prayer support of each of you!

Second, we need your support by giving to the
ministry. There are several options to give on the
"Donations" page.  Pray and ask the Lord lead
you to the one He has called you to fill.

Third, in the coming weeks and months, we will
need "boots on the ground" help of volunteers.  
More information will be shared in the coming


WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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We invite each one of you to come and be
a part of this Spirit-filled, intensive spiritual
warfare training experience.

Look forward to seeing you there!!